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About Us

Vineyard West Stables is located in Menlo Park, CA. We specialize in offering high-quality horses and ponies for sale. We frequently have horses and ponies of all disciplines - dressage, jumpers, and eventing. We take pride in continuing all of our sales horses' education with natural horsemanship to expose them to a variety of situations and make them easier to handle. When it comes to show ponies, we understand that you want a pony you can trust with your kid!


Our Philosophy

All of our horses are started under saddle the same way, from the ground up, no matter their previous experience or lack thereof.  We use well-respected natural horsemanship methods that have stood the test of time.  We follow these methods religiously and we travel great distances to clinics several times a year to give our horses more exposure to these methods. The methods we follow are gentle and kind, resulting in horses that are happy, willing, and wanting to please their human.  

Our sales horses spend the majority of their time outside in pasture and run in a herd, mimicking mother nature's conditions as close as possible, and allowing them to develop their social skills among their own kind. They all have impeccable ground manners, self-load quietly in the trailer, and are very accustomed to loading, unloading, and traveling.  They have been exposed to traffic noise, trucks, a variety of ranch animals, barking dogs, flags, and spooky objects.  They are happy horses, ready for the show environment, or any direction you want to take them!


Vineyard West

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